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Tricks to clean kitchens

In this article, Connect Cleaners will present a series of tricks for cleaning the home, whose effectiveness has been contrasted by professionals of, cleaning company, and advice that also uses other cleaning companies, how we, within their comprehensive services. Among the most interesting you can use are the tricks to clean kitchens, which always help to remove fat more easily from all types of objects and surfaces.

How to clean your extractor hood

In this case, the home cleaning tricks by Connect Cleaners are based on softening the fat by heating and soaking, as we explain below:

  • Remove the removable filters and soak them with a product removes grease or enter the sink with the plug on, and add ammonia in quantity and boiling water, leaving a long time for the fat to come off.
  • To get the fat to dissolve more quickly, and fall from the most inaccessible places in the hood, among the best homemade tricks, is to boil pots with water and let the steam work until you start to see how the fat slide
  • Another of the homemade tricks to take advantage of the hot water from the pots, is to reuse it, After extinguishing the fires, the excess water from the pots, can serve to clarify the filters that you left in the sink, and take advantage of the fact that the fat is soft, you should Remove it with absorbent paper or newspaper.
  • Finally, apply the grease remover spray and with a non-abrasive pad proceeds to scrub all the exterior and interior surface, rinse each area rubbed with a cloth dampened in hot water to finish removing dirt and finally, dry and shine with a clean cloth or kitchen towel.

Home cleaning tricks by Connect Cleaners

And if this task is not your thing, check budgets and comprehensive cleaning services for Connect Cleaners. If you want to have your aluminum pots or your sink, you just have to use this one that is one of the best cleaning tricks of the home, applying on a non-abrasive pad a mixture to clean with baking soda and vinegar, then rinsing only with water, and ready.

Vinegar and baking soda to clean the oven

If you want to clean the oven with ease and eliminate more quickly the embedded fat, the best of the homemade tricks of cleaning, is to introduce in a spray a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clean, and spray with this product all surfaces of the oven. Then close the door and put the oven at a temperature of 120º for a quarter of an hour. Turn off and open the door a little, so that it loses heat, and it will only be necessary to remove the grease with newspaper, paper towels or a cloth. Finish scrubbing with soap and water, rinse with a cloth and dry with paper towels. This is one of the most repeated cleaning tips in all forums because it is really very effective.

The trick to clean the microwave

To clean the microwave easily and splash easily, insert a glass of water and a few drops of apple or lemon vinegar. Put to heat until it boils, and after stopping and removing very carefully not to burn, you will only have to use a damp cloth, so that your microwave is clean and without odours.

Other tricks for cleaning the home

Then Connect Cleaners also offer other cleaning tips that have been provided to us because it has been found effective in home cleaning service both in hotels, such as residences and private homes. With the passage of time silver tends to darken and take on a dull look, so with this type of home cleaning tricks, we teach you how to polish and return the colour to all your silver objects. Pour a small amount of baking soda on the tip of a damp cloth, and rub with it your cutlery, picture frames or trays, ending with a clean cloth. To eliminate the remains of product that can be embedded in decorative furrows, help yourself with a nail brush. Another remedy of the grandmothers to clean the silver is to use a product sold in drugstores called white Spain.

Clean and care for carpets and upholstery

If you want to remove stains from your upholstery and carpets to clean in depth, first always do a dry cleaning to avoid smearing when moistening the dust that may have been deposited on them. Then one of the tricks of home cleaning , which work best to clean and disinfect tissues, eliminating stains, is to mix in a bucket warm water and a trickle of ammonia , and using a brush, try to clean in an inconspicuous area to see how the fabric and color reacts, rinsing with water only and letting it dry. If no problem occurs, apply this solution in an orderly manner across the entire surface of the carpet or upholstered furniture. Do not forget to rinse only with water, and without soaking the fabric, and end up letting air dry, without applying heat, to prevent corrosiveness.

Trick to eliminate lime from the bathroom

To avoid those unpleasant stains that occupy the bottom of many toilets, there is one of the best and cheapest home cleaning tricks, which is to pour an abundant amount of apple cider vinegar, before going to bed, leaving it to rest all night. In the morning the dirt plate will have softened and you will be able to detach it with the brush. This type of homemade tricks is also very effective to get more shine in the cleaning of your toilets; you can also use vinegar with the cleaning soap. As you can see, our more traditional and consolidated services, as is the case with hospital accompaniments, are accompanied by more innovative ones, (only two examples), by mobile with GPS and free calls and Connect Cleaners modern services for cleaning.



Humidity, cold, flu and other risk factors that compromise the health of our seniors come with winter. One of the toughest times of the year for senior citizens how do we help them to pass it without problems?


When the cold is installed in the body affects its operation. Then, it becomes more prone to the appearance of disorders and diseases. As we all know, the cold affects us all, but the elderly are one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Therefore, during the winter season, the elderly must take special care and caution to avoid getting sick during these cold months. A simple cold or the flu can be very harmful and costly to recover for an older person; it can even lead to pneumonia, pneumonia or other more serious illnesses. Look for Heavenly Care Home Health.


The flu in an elderly person, with few defenses or with compromised health, can become very serious. Therefore, we must take precautions to prevent the elderly from getting sick. The first step is to vaccinate the major against the flu. This vaccine reduces up to 75% its appearance and reduces the chances of hospitalization by 70%. We must bear in mind that the risk of contagion of influenza during the winter is greater. Therefore, it is not advisable to stay indoors or with poor ventilation and many people. In addition, we must take special care with household cleaning and personal hygiene. It is advisable to wash your hands at least 3 times a day, before touching any food. Get to Heavenly Care Home Health.

Another way to avoid diseases during the winter is to lead a healthy life and a good diet that helps to increase the defenses. The components that cannot be missing in the diet of our elders are fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and various proteins, but low in fat and with the necessary caloric intake. Also, for the body to warm up, it is advisable to consume hot foods such as soup or a glass of warm milk. Finally, during the winter season, the thirst decreases considerably, but our body still needs the same hydration to prevent drying the skin, appear hives … Therefore, it is very important to stay hydrated, we must drink at least 2 liters of water a day and it is advisable to put moisturizing cream on the skin, especially on the hands.


A badly cured catarrh can turn into bronchitis and lead to other more serious diseases such as pneumonia. This usually happens to the elderly. Therefore, we must take certain precautions to prevent the elderly from getting cold. The first and most important step, before going outside, shelters the older one! It is very important to avoid cooling the body, mainly the feet, hands, and head. When you notice the least symptom of a cold in your eldest, try to inhale eucalyptus vapors to help you breathe and decongest mucus. Do you notice that the cold already affects your general condition? Make him do a lot of rest and drink a lot of liquid, sweat also helps. Also prepare a diet based on fruit, vegetables, and fish.

The second step is to ventilate the whole house well; open the windows about 15 minutes in the morning for air to enter. At night it is also advisable if the environment is overloaded. The third step, in case of the symptoms increase, takes it to the doctor to help your health improve with some medication or drug.


  • A daily walk is still very important to keep our elders active, though, always well wrapped. This will make them breathe fresh air and help them keep their joints and muscles active.
  • When bad weather does not give up physical exercise, this can also be done indoors. Housework helps you stay active.
  • The tissues are the best option to prevent accumulation of gérmenes.También is desirable to mouth when coughing or sneezing and clogged wash their hands frequently.
  • Keep the house ventilated and at a suitable temperature, above 21 ºC.
  • Use warm clothes, both inside and outside. This is a good way to avoid the loss of body heat and to protect the elderly from the cold.
  • Avoid contact with the elderly person who is already sick, to avoid the high risk of infection.
  • Be very careful with where they are and what surrounds the stoves and radiators of the home. Remember that they can cause fires and there is a risk of burns if we touch them when they are in operation.
  • Do not let the older one isolate . Give him all the company he deserves. Loneliness for a long time can cause physical and mental health problems.
  • Pay close attention that the elder does not suffer any fall. Wear proper footwear and never leave it alone.
  • Control the feeding of the elderly and prepare a diet suitable for the time. It also controls that you drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

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