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A Guide To Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular multiplayer online game that is available for all mobile platforms including Android and iOS. The game launched for iOS platforms in 2012 and for Android platforms in 2013. Supercell is the developer of this massively multiplayer online game and is free to play. However, for better resources and advanced gameplay one can make use of in-app purchases that help the gamers to gain an advantage over other gamers.

How to Play the Game

Clash of clans is an addictive game that requires gamers to set up their bases and then defend it against the constant attacks by other gamers. The main motive of the game is to prove the dominance of your base among all others. The resources help to train troops, advance the colony and gaining gems. The larger your base is the greater our chances of your winning the game and advance to higher levels.

Getting Started

  • The topmost priority of each gamer must be to set up the base. The defenses of the base need to be strong in order to ensure that your resources are safe in case of attacks. To strengthen the defences it is necessary that your town hall is in the centre of your base. This makes hard to earn trophies, which comes from causing damage to the town centre. Later you can surround the town centre with all other resources.
  • The defense inventory provides walls and mortars, which are essential in situations where your base is under attack. Although, they take much time in upgrading they provide a great defense. If you have these attackers are less likely to reach your resources.
  • It is necessary to prioritize in the safety of the buildings. Town centres and storages for elixir and gold are the primary objects to protect. Hence, a proper protecting wall must surround them. However, builder huts and army camps can be outside the wall.
  • Next key aspect in the gameplay is gems. They come in short supply and require careful usage. The best investment of the gems is in builder huts as it enables the gamer to upgrade towers. Also, better game progression requires proper use of elixir and gold.
  • Another important decision in the gameplay is to decide whether you require in-app purchases or not. With the use of real money, one can buy more gems. However, this decision solely lies with the gamers, as there are several other ways to collect more gems.


  • Once you get the hang of the game, it is necessary to ensure regular upgrade of the defenses. Priority must be set in upgrading buildings and defenses, as the time required to upgrade each object is different.
  • The base must not be spread in a wide area and not be concentrated in a small region.
  • Ensure to set up traps throughout the base as they cause heavy damage to the attackers. Their one-time hit gives lots of damage to the smaller enemy troops.
  • As the game progresses, you get access to better equipment such as archer tower and anti-aircraft defenses. Regular updates and proper use protects the base from heavy attacks.


  • With the protection of your own base, it is also essential to attack other bases. Therefore, regular efficient attacks help you gain resources and trophies that are helpful in the advancement of the game.
  • In order to ensure a proper attack, give a check to the resources of the enemy. If the enemy does not possess much gold or elixir then you would only waste your resources in the attack.
  • A priority needs to set in the attacking order as well. Firstly, attack the storage areas that get you gold and elixir while killing the enemy troops. Next, ensure whether you are losing more troops or you are gaining more resources. In case you lose more troops than the gaining resources, it is advisable to take your troops back and forefeet the attack.
  • Make sure to cause maximum damage to the town hall, as that only determines how much stars you earn which later determines the outcome of the battle.
  • It is necessary to train as many troops as possible to cover for the ones you lost in the battles. It is best to train barbarians and giants at first, as they are one of the best troops in the game.
  • Build a laboratory in your base that helps to increase the offensive power of the troops and enhance their defenses.

Clan Wars

Apart from playing individually in the game, gamers can be a part of leagues and clans to enjoy the game on the team level. Clans are a group of gamers playing together. Each clan possesses a leader and a co-leader. Either one of them can start a war in the game. Based on the destruction each player causes the whole clan earns stars.

In clan wars, players can attack at most two times a week. The team that possesses the most stars wins the war. In a case where two clans have the same quantity of stars than the team that has higher destruction percentages wins. Supercell provides various increments and bonuses during the game.

Clash Royale

This is the sequel to the Clash of Clans version and has a different gameplay than the original game. Where clash of clans allows you to attack based on days, in the clash royal you can compete with other gamers in real time. Each gamer is given cards for troops, spells, and buildings using which you have to attack and destroy the enemy towers.

Although, the game is a proper strategy game, there are several hacks and cheats available for gamers around the world. The information about these cheats and hacks is available on various websites. One of them is https://www.steemit.com/. The popularity of the game is rapidly increasing with time. Very few games on the internet that have television commercials that promote them and this is one of those games. This massively played game has millions of users all around the world.