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All about the metaphysical

The Malachite is a stone with healing properties but in turn with dangers if not treated with caution. The most advisable for the application of malachite is to do it under the supervision of a specialist. And is that malachite is a toxic stone and can only be applied when it is polished. It is important not to breathe its dust and, if you use it as an elixir, you will have to put the stone in a glass container; and this with spring water but without the stone touching it.

As for metaphysical benefits, malachite is considered to amplify positive energies, making spiritual energies reach the planet. It is, without doubt, a protective stone, since it is responsible for absorbing the negative energies that pollute our soul. Malachite also absorbs the pollution of plutonium and protects you from radiation; as well as electromagnetic pollution. Clean and activate your chakras, and tune in with metaphysical, your spiritual guide. If you decide to place it on the third eye you will be able to visualize things. Instead. Over the heart it will give you harmony and balance, while opening the love towards the rest.


Stone water

The infusions of stones are indicated for those people who, through a love disappointment, family problems or loss of a loved one, go through a period of deep depression that does not allow them to get ahead. They can also be effective in improving the readiness for changes.


The preparation is simple. After selected and purified the stone, we should place it in a glass or glass container (clean), in another container with fresh water, during a whole night. The specific vibrations of the stone will magnetize the water. Many times it is also usually placed in water directly or in an infusion of medicinal herb, but for reasons of safety preferable, the method described above because anyway, energy is transmitted to water through metaphysical. We can also leave it in the sun in the early hours of the morning for an hour and that combination of solar and mineral energy will do wonders.

Mode of use:

It is an infusion of which you should only drink two small sips. That will be enough for the stone to transmit its powerful vibrations. This method can be used as a complement or instead of using the stone itself, whenever we choose a method it is important to be guided simply by our feelings.

What stones you should use:

The stones should be used in their natural state, whenever possible, they are ideal to magnetize the water. If a very intense effect is needed, we can combine our particular stone (according to Signo) with Rock Crystal, White Topaz or Diamond, since it is specific for these stones to “rinse” (purify) the water, which should be preferred. in the morning or before any meal but no more than two sips per day. If there is any unforeseen disorder, the shot should be discontinued immediately. Since the cleaning is deep and can generate diarrhea or digestive discomfort. As a purification of the body of metaphysical.

Protection with crystal elixirs

Transparent stones have a great influence on people and things. Not only have they gained their prestige as healing minerals, they also have powerful properties that make their effect felt on everyday life. It is for this reason that they are used to protect the home away from bad vibrations and undo damage or evil spells. Each crystal has a baggage of powers and magical qualities. All these stones emit a beam of energy modulations that act in a specific way according to their color and shape. According to the properties of each mineral, you will know which is the best metaphysical the one that suits you is.

The minerals of violet color (amethyst, lilac quartz, etc.) help in cases of mourning or when it is necessary to break dependency ties. The white crystals (quartz, rock crystal, moonstone) bring order and balance to life. The blue crystals (aquamarine, topaz, blue quartz etc.) are soothing. Act in case of anger or disagreement. The yellow or orange, generate optimism, joy and growth.

The recipe step by step of metaphysical

Choose a crystal that suits the circumstances you are living and clean it well with tap water. The stone should be of medium size.

Place the glass inside a perfectly clean transparent glass jar, with a quarter liter of still mineral water. Quartz, agate, amethyst, diamond, ruby can be placed directly in water . The rest is placed in a glass container inside another with water. Cover the bottle and leave it for three hours in a place illuminated by the sun.

Mode of use:

The idea is to transfer the elixir to a sprinkler and spray all the rooms of the house. That will eliminate any negative energy flow. It is also good to purify personal objects (talismans, domestic altars, utensils for rituals. As for personal use, can be used with perfume, for this place the chosen stone in the bottle of your favorite perfume and leave it there until it is finished, use it every day to ward off damage and enhance the good disposition before doing magical work .

Important: In the case of glass elixirs, it is not advisable to combine two or more stones in the same bottle. If you need to use two or more kinds of crystals, prepare each metaphysical in separate jars. As far as the malachite’s psychological benefits are concerned, this stone allows you to live with greater intensity without fear of mistakes. You will be able to manage emotions and deep feelings, have the courage to break unwanted links and take responsibility for your actions. In this way you will be uninhibited from your pressures. Eliminate shyness and work your friends. In addition, this stone will help you to treat psychosexual problems. Stone is also able to alleviate mental disorders such as the diseases themselves. In this way you will become someone more observant able to face situations, a priori, complicated. Emotionally you will be able to improve your moods, stimulate your dreams and treat healing processes of metaphysical.