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A good Review on Blanco sinks – Are they economical or expensive

When a person is thinking on renovating his house, he encounters moments of joy at times and moments of stress at other times. The experience entirely differs from person to person. However, when it comes to kitchen, to make it look like renovated and feel the change, the kitchen sink has to get changes. Though their positions are not changed, their color or looks must show some minor change.

Even when there is dishwasher, a kitchen sink has its own advantages. It is impossible to check on the designs suiting the kitchen individually. Therefore the blanco sinks reviews would help in making the right choices for a new kitchen or for a kitchen to be renovated.

Why the Blanco Sinks are popular?

  • The build quality of the Blanco sink is good
  • Their designs are advanced. Therefore, they sink well with the other updated trendy home decors and kitchen appliances. This gives an overall trendy look to the kitchen
  • They possess plenty of awards to prove that they are good in their business.
  • They build products fulfilling every type of person on the planet earth. For example, many of their sinks are compatible with solid waste disposal units. This would definitely catch the attention of an environmentalist.

Price of Blanco sinks

They provide affordable sinks too. But generally the sinks are comparatively expensive from other products as they have better durability. They do not provide installation services. Therefore the sink prices do not include the accessories of installation or installation charges and services.

According to blanco sinks reviews, there are different ranges of materials on which the sinks are built. They are as follows:

Stainless steel sinks

  • These sinks are well suited for personal as well as industrial applications.
  • The most useful feature of a stainless steel sink is that they do not stain, as it is obvious from its name
  • The material is durable and lives for a longer period of time
  • They are scratch resistant, free of dents or impossible to dent.
  • Their look adds a sleek and trendy look to the kitchen

Silgranit sinks

  • The sink is made of 80% granite and 20% ceramic and some acrylic. Hence they are called the silgranit sinks
  • These sinks are non – porous in nature. Therefore they do not stain.
  • The sink is made of silgranit to give it a traditional look. However, it overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional sinks. The main disadvantage of using a traditional sink is that they need to polished and cleaned frequently. Else they lose their glow become stained and get a pale look.
  • There are 8 different shades offered by the Blanco sinks company in this category. They are cafe brown, anthracite, truffle, metallic grey, cinder, biscuit, white and biscotti.

Fireclay sinks

  • The clay compound used to make the sink is hand crafted. They are fired in kilns under extreme temperatures.
  • This makes it scratch resistant, durable and rustic home style

SteelArt sinks

  • They are made of single sheet of stainless steel.
  • The quality is same as the stainless steel sinks. The only difference is the art
  • The art can be customised by the buyer
  • Their bold cutting edge look impresses the look of the entire kitchen

Accessories needed to setup the Blanco sinks

  • The sinks can be upgraded at any point of time after the purchase. This is added advantage in installing the sinks
  • The sinks have corner caddies. This helps to hold the sponges. Along with this they also provide eye – catching soap dispensers whose design goes very well with the sinks
  • The removable grates and shelves help to rinse the food easily.

Black diamond single bowl sink

  • These sinks are resistant to heat, strains, scratches and stains.
  • They come with a drain grooves and an effective drainage system
  • They are sound resistant and are easy to clean
  • They are black in color suiting its name

Blanco Diamond Double bowl sink

  • There are 2 drainage holes separately in each sink. The sinks are separated by a slim divider that are uniquely designed to solve the purpose
  • They have a non porous surface making it stain resistant
  • The sink is pure white in color
  • The only drawback is that the sink might get stained when harsh chemicals are used for cleaning

Blanco Precis Super Single Bowl sinks

  • It is made of granite. Therefore it has the highest durability as compare to any other sink.
  • They are large and deep. Therefore ideally suited to soak large utensils
  • It neither stains nor absorbs food items. Therefore cleaning the sinks become easy.
  • However, the only disadvantage is that if the sink is left unclean for a longer period of time, foul smell arises and also the sink starts to stain

Blanco Performa medium bowl sink

  • These types of sinks have 2 chambers with each sink having a separate drain.
  • One sink is larger and the other is smaller
  • It is divided by the same wall that builds the sink unlike the special material acting as a divider in other Blanco sinks
  • They are heat resistant, stain free and do not develop any water spots
  • They do not crack like the ceramic sinks